The success of the Dutch creative industries is characterized by their willingness to cooperate. In 2016, we make use of this ability and announce the ‘Dutch Design versus German Anxiety’ competition. The aim is to develop an all-encompassing design for the REN cluster. The REN cluster (Space for Development and Normality) is an architectural concept developed for the University Children’s and Youth Clinic of Freiburg for the inpatient part of the planned new building. The competition is being held in cooperation with the Dutch architecture fund SFA. The results are presented at an exhibition in Freiburg in 2016 and at the International Building Fair in Berlin in 2018. The competition gives birth to the Dutch Design Team, which includes artists, graphic artists, designers and architects: Studio Mixtura by Daria Biryukova, Jack Broeders Design & Interaction, Mirabela Jurzcenko and Gemma Koppen from Kopvol architecture & psychology and Jochem Wilson and Thamar Verhaar from Panton Design.