foto ANP. Opening of the Princess Máxima Center by Queen Máxima

In a festive setting and with strict etiquette, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands opened the world’s first children’s oncology competence centre in Utrecht. In addition to 100 guests of honour, all planners, architects, employees, patients and their families involved in the construction project are invited. Kopvol is very proud to be part of this special event and to welcome the Queen for the first time in the parent-child unit we designed. This novel patient room typology, where parents and child are enabled to master their daily clinical routine, both closely together and at the same time separately, will from now on actively contribute to cure every child suffering from cancer with an optimal quality of life at the Princess Máxima Centre (PMC). After its opening, the center offered guided tours of the ‘Healing Architecture’ for specialists from oncology, clinic operators and architects.