The clients had bought a, what used to be, holiday house with a thatch roof and an adjacent garage in the woods of Schoorl, located within a 10 minute bike ride from the North Sea coast.

The initial request of the clients was to extend the existing house to the garage and include this garage in the house. The addition should get a thatch roof as well.

In the realized proposal, the garage has been demolished, creating space for a complete new shape with its own look and character. The new addition of 255m2 is situated at the north side and shifted from the existing house in order to leave the garden as open as possible; to create a protected volume towards the garden and have all windows enjoy the view to this garden.

The new addition fits with the existing house in the use of similar traditional materials: the fa├žade has been executed with bricks and the roof has been clad completely anew with thatch.

The shape of the new roof is everything but ordinary. It has been expressively shaped and defines the appearance of the whole villa, its style referring to the houses of the next door artist colony in Bergen.

Although the clients wished many small rooms, the new villa, has a lofty feel with clear and simple routing, enabling to wander freely through the house. It has been strived for a clear, unifying design, where old and new meet, without conflicting.

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