Roche Building 97

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, headquartered in Basel, is the world’s largest pharmaceutical company with – converted – sales of almost 64 billion US dollars. Roche also manufactures reagents and equipment for medical testing. Roche’s current research activities focus on oncology, virology, neurology and transplantation medicine. Roche employs over 94,000 people worldwide. The increased focus on innovation and biotechnology is leading to major advances in diagnostic techniques and medicines that target molecular targets worldwide. As a result, many diseases can be detected earlier and treated more specifically. Crucial to this development are high-tech, high-performance laboratories for research and development. Since 2000, these have strengthened Roche’s access to innovation and new technologies and have driven forward Roche’s commitment to more targeted treatments that will ultimately make personalized healthcare a reality.

The largest of these laboratories is designed and built by the Swiss architectural firm Herzog & DeMeuron in Basel. One of the architects is Gemma Koppen, responsible for the facade design and development of laboratory building ‘Bau 97’. The building is an important pillar of a new location development strategy. With its straightforward design, it blends in perfectly with the Roche site and the Basel cityscape. The new building meets the highest standards of functionality, safety and technology. The security zones alternate with communication zones for the exchange of experts. The laboratory building offers scientists and laboratory technicians an attractive working environment and a high-quality infrastructure. Pharmaceutical innovation is based architecturally and psychologically on successful teamwork.

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