Experience in Action! DesignBuild in architecture, is the name of the largest and most comprehensive exhibition on the subject of “DesignBuild” to date, which the Architecture Museum of the Technical University Munich will open in May 2020 in the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. DesignBuild is a teaching method offered at numerous architecture schools worldwide, enabling students to plan, design and implement projects to their fullest extent. Participants build houses, theatres, schools, kindergartens and hospitals, mainly in developing countries, but also in underdeveloped areas in Germany. DesignBuild has a long tradition, but only in recent years has it become an increasingly popular concept at many universities. The aim of the exhibition is therefore to inform the general public about the social impact and long-term importance of this teaching method. In her lecture ‘Form Follows Needs’ at the opening of the exhibition Tanja C. Vollmer takes a critical look at the method from the perspective of an architectural psychologist.