In hardly any other field of medicine has such ground breaking progress been made in recent years as in oncology. New findings, particularly in molecular biology, have led to improved treatment and diagnostic options, so that cancer patients today generally have a better quality of life and longer life expectancy than 25 years ago. However, many questions remain about cancer and its treatment. These include questions about the interaction between the built environment and health, which the Berlin Cancer Society also intends to address more closely in the future. As proven experts on the subject of architecture and cancer, Koppen and Vollmer will provide the opening topic in their summer lecture.

Literature to this topic: Koppen, G. & Vollmer, T.C. (2022). Architektur als zweiter Körper. Eine Entwurfslehre für den evidenzbasierten Gesundheitsbau. Berlin: Gebr. Mann Verlag.